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In an over-demanding

IT recruitment market, 

GROW wants to offer

life experiences.

We started GROW out of passion for helping tech companies and right candidates find each other across a crowded room.


Let's be totally honest: the recruitment industry has a certain reputation, and it’s far from good. Competition in technology is more vibrant than ever and we are passionate about proving that professional matchmaking is incredibly valuable for both companies and candidates alike.


We are a team of people who are thirsty for performance. We spend considerable time & effort qualifying both the opening requests we take on, as well as the candidates we represent. In essence, quality over quantity. We believe this is how recruiting it’s done properly.

We are passionate about technology and we understand the IT industry; that career opportunities and the motivation of a candidate in a product company can be quite different than the motivation of one working for a solutions provider.

Every career move is changing lives. We want to create life experiences for candidates and accelerate the growth of our partners.

GROW! Otherwise it's boring.

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